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Around the world,

God’s Story is still being told…

American Ministries to the Deaf

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Your giving impacts Deaf lives for Jesus.

Statement of Faith

Statement of Faith


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American Ministries to the Deaf

We are celebrating over 40 years of serving the Deaf community!

We were originally founded in 1974 as American Missions for the Deaf. Our name was changed later to: American Ministries to the Deaf. This fits us as an advocate organization to Deaf individuals, ministries, and missions. So much has changed over the years! The ability to share the Gospel with Deaf worldwide has never been more accessible than right now.

Please pray as we use technology to serve the Lord’s purposes.

Did you know?

AMD has a long Heritage of serving the Deaf!

We will soon have a page dedicated to remembering those who faithfully served the Lord through AMD.

Do you have a testimony of how AMD has helped your relationship with the Lord? Please use the “Contact Us” link above and let us know.

Designed in 1980’s

Represents teamwork. Working together around the cross.

Designed in 2016

Better represents “AMD” finger-spelled. Working together around the cross.

Our logos. Here is a brief history of the logos we’ve used in the past.

Logos and technology changes from time to time. The message of Christ will never change. Please pray for us as we move forward to remain steadfast with the eternal message forgiveness through Jesus!