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In 1974, American Ministries to the Deaf was founded under its original title of American Missions to the Deaf.

We have a heart to minister to the Deaf of this world. When Jesus walked this earth, He offered a special touch to those with many needs including those who were deaf. We desire to continue that ministry by touching the lives of those among us who are deaf. First wed like them to experience the healing message of the gospel. Wed also like to provide opportunity for them to grow, share their faith in Christ, and fellowship with other Deaf believers.

Over the years this has been fulfilled in a variety of ways. One of our first ventures was developing a magazine specifically designed for those who are deaf. Other times it has been short-term teams to help with construction or provide a week of VBS type classes for deaf children in Jamaica. Currently it is providing Bible courses and day retreats specifically designed for the Deaf.

This ministry only happens with the generous involvement of many people faithfully praying and supporting this ministry with their time and gifts.

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